29th International Conference of
Indian Association of Palliative Care


11th to 13th February, 2022


11th to 13th Feb 2022


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On behalf of the Indian Association of Palliative care it is a pleasure to invite you all to the 29th international conference, IAPCON 2022 Jaipur.

The theme of the conference is “Towards Excellence and Equity in Palliative care “

We may not meet in person, but the pandemic cannot stop us from meeting virtually! Let’s get together to share our skills, experience and knowledge and make it a truly global event!

The three-day deliberation will give you an opportunity to learn from experts across the world. Our team aspires that each delegate is enriched and can go back to deliver better patient care. The conference includes presentations, panel discussions and workshops on the evidence base, knowledge translation and developments in palliative care.

Pre-conference workshops are being organized on the 10th of February for doctors, nurses, psychologists, social workers, and volunteers.

We welcome you to this exciting scientific meet.

Padhaaro mhaare des! 

With Regards

Dr. Anjum Khan Joad

Organizing Secretary

Organizing committee

Chief Patron

Mr. NR Kothari


Mr. Sandeep Kothari

Mr. Sanjay Kothari

Mr. V C Surana

Mrs. Anila Kothari

Major General Pareek

Dr. PS Lodha

International Advisory Committee

Dr. Mhoira Leng

Dr. Odette Spruyt

National Advisory Committee

Dr. Sushma Bhatnagar
President IAPC

Dr. Savita Butola
Secretary IAPC

Dr. M R Rajagopal

Dr. MaryAnn Muckaden

Dr. Geeta Joshi

State Committee

Dr. Anjum Joad

Dr. Pushplata Gupta

Dr. Neena Jain

Dr. Lalit Raigar

Dr. Ashwin Mathur

Scientific Committee

Dr. Manisha Hemrajani

Dr. Gaurav Sharma

Dr. Mohit Pal Singh

Dr. Manoj Kamal


Dr. Pushplata Gupta

National Scientific Committee

Dr. Gayatri Palat

Dr. Chitra Venkatesh

Dr. Charu Singh

Dr. Priyadarshini Kulkarni

Dr. Raghavendra Ramanjulu

Dr. Jayita Deodhar

Dr. Nagesh Simha

Dr. Dinesh Goswami

Dr. Navin Salins

Dr. Shoba Nair

Dr. Umesh Bhadani

Executive Committee

Dr. Priti Sanghavi

Dr. Anshu SS Kotia

Dr. Seema Partani

Dr. Saurabh Bhargava

Dr. Sachin Bansal

Mrs Sumitra Choudhry

Dr. Soumi Lamoria

Dr. Anita Bansal

Dr. Akanksha Dutt

Workshop Committee

Dr. Sunil Kumar M M

Dr. Vidya Vishwanath

Dr. Mayank Gupta

Dr. Joris Gielen

Dr. Seema Rao

Dr. Arati Hota

Ms. Hanife MacGamwell

Dr. Sanjeev Kumar Sharma



Early bird registration fee
applicable till 31st Oct 2021


Submission deadline:
15th Nov, 2021


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